From Back Pain To General Health

Many people initially visit chiropractors for problems relating to pain. But what happens to them as they continue their care? In two studies of 153 and 311 chiropractic patients who initially suffered from back, neck and other pains, two studies revealed the following: as patients continued care after their initial complaints cleared up they began to experience an improvement in their perception of health which included improved general health, more vitality, and better social functioning. These findings confirm other studies and over a century of chiropractic observations – chiropractic is not for disease but for improving physical and mental health.

Yes, millions of people see chiropractors for various health problems but chiropractic is not for diseases, it is for you. It is a procedure that locates, and removes a deep form of stress and spinal damage called vertebral subluxations.

No matter what condition you may have: sciatica, back pain, headache, ear infection, menstrual disorders, depression or any other health problem, a chiropractic spinal adjustment is very badly needed. It has made the difference between suffering and wellness, between health and disease, between drugs and surgery or natural healing for millions. (1)

The Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractors help connect you with the wisdom of your body, your inner doctor. Chiropractors correct a deep stress inside you called the vertebral subluxation complex, which causes nerve pressure and stress on your spinal nerves, joints and discs. This disconnects you from your optimum health and healing.

Just as you need dental, vision and blood pressure checkups so you need your spine checked. It can improve your physical and mental health.

Please come in for a spinal checkup and bring your family with you.

Pregnancy, Labor and Chiropractic

Pregnancy and labor are more comfortable for women under chiropractic care. Spinal problems are common during pregnancy, up to 90% of pregnant women have them. The chiropractic drug-less approach is ideally suited for pregnancy care. Chiropractic can also help women with premature contractions, back labor, low back pain, morning sickness and can help prevent post-partum depression. Believe it or not, a study by the American Medical Association revealed that women who have chiropractic care enjoy easier pregnancies and deliveries. (2)

Asthma and Chiropractic

A 6-year-old boy who had asthma for three years was using aerosol inhalers up to three times a day, every day. After a few adjustments he could run during soccer games and, according to his mother “almost never used his inhaler.” He began to sleep more soundly, “hardly ever had bouts with mucous clogged nasal passages” and inhalant use stopped. (5)